Going Back: How the places Dave had been look today

Dej Ghetto

Memorial in the Bungur Forest, site of the Dej Jewish Ghetto

The Dej Ghetto, which had been sited on a few acres of the Bungur Forest, now contains these structures, in memory of the 7,674 Jews who were held here before being transported to KZ Birkenau concentration camp.

KZ Mauthausen

KZ Mauthausen's south wall, showing the guards' swimming pool, and the entrance to a garage area

The massive south wall of KZ Mauthausen. Purposely built to look imposing, it was constructed of the granite mined in its Wiener-Graben quarry. The photo also shows the swimming pool used by the Nazi guards (foreground), and the entrance to the car port and loading area. Mauthausen's front gate is to the right of the far end of the south wall.

Gusen Memorial

Part of the Gusen memorial, honoring and memorializing those who died in KZ Gusen I and KZ Gusen II

Part of the memorial to KZ Gusen I and KZ Gusen II. The wall contains identical plaques, in multiple languages, honoring those who slaved and died here.

The Stone Crusher


All that remains of the Stone Crusher at Gusen's Kastenhof granite mine. At the far left is the "shoebox on its side," the storage chambers for crushed granite. The dark burn scars visible at its top mark where an additional two stories of wood structure had burned down.  The large garage-like opening in the center of the photo is where the mine wagons Dave loaded with raw granite would terminate, to be unloaded to feed the crusher.

Wiener Strasse

the view looking north up Wiener Strasse, in the town of Enns.

Looking north, up Wiener Strasse, in Enns, Austria. It is the same view Dave had just after escaping the first time.  He knocked on one of the doors visible in this photo (it is not known which one).

The Path


Though it is hard to discern and overgrown with brush, running along the chain link fence was a path, a shortcut to the Enns train station.  With the fence on his right and the stream (barely visible) on his left, this is the path Dave bolted down during his second escape. Since this photo was taken, the entire area - the fence, brush, trees, and a cement wall just out of sight to the right - has been cleared and replaced with grass.